Estonian International

The Yonex Estonian International is a badminton tournament that is part of the BWF International Series and is played in the Kalev Sports Hall in Tallinn, Estonia.

I have put together the below guide so you can find out more about the Draw, Schedule, Players, and Prize Money for the 2023 tournament in Tallinn.

Estonian International

Yonex Estonian International 2023

Location:Tallinn, Estonia
Level:BWF International Series
Draw Sizes:32 Singles and Doubles
Prize Money:US$5,000


The 2023 tournament in Tallinn was held from the 12th to the 15th of January 2023, with the tournament being played in the same week as the Malaysia Open badminton tournament.


The entry list for the 2023 tournament in Tallinn has now been released and below is a selection of players who played the singles events in 2023.

Male Players

  • Mads Christophersen
  • Victor Svendsen
  • Kalle Koljonen
  • Kai Schaefer
  • Magnus Johannesen
  • Alex Lanier
  • Felix Burestedt
  • Resky Dwicahyo

Female Players

  • Lauren Lam
  • Kristin Kuuba
  • Yaelle Hoyaux
  • Hirari Mizui
  • Daniella Gonda
  • Rachael Darragh
  • Amalie Schulz
  • Edith Urell


The 2023 tournament started on Thursday the 12th of January 2023, with the finals being played on Sunday, the 15th of January 2023.

Thursday – Day 112 January 2023Qualifying
Friday – Day 213 January 2023Round of 32/16
Saturday – Day 314 January 2023Quarterfinals/Semifinals
Sunday – Day 415 January 2023Finals


The draw for the 2023 singles and doubles tournaments in Tallinn can now be viewed on the BWF Tournament Software website (see links below).

Men’s Singles: View Draw

Women’s Singles Main: View Draw

Men’s Doubles: View Draw

Women’s Doubles: View Draw

Mixed Doubles: View Draw

Prize Money

The total prize money for the 2023 tournament is US$5,000, with the prize money being split as follows:

Men’s and Women’s Singles

The winners of the men’s/women’s singles tournament in 2023 will receive $500, while the runner-up will receive $275.

The losing semifinalists will receive $150.

Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed Doubles (Per Team)

The winners of the men’s/women’s/mixed doubles tournaments in 2023 will receive $600, while the runner-ups will receive $350.

2023 Winners and Runner Ups

Below is a list of winners and runner-ups from the 2023 Estonian International Badminton tournament.

Men’s Singles (MS)

The winner of the 2023 MS competition was Yushi Tanaka who beat Alex Lanier 21-13, 15-21, 21-12 in the MS final.

Men’s Doubles (MD)

The winners of the 2023 MD competition were Shuntaro Mezaki and Haruya Nishida who beat Julien Maio and William Villeger 21-19, 21-14 in the MD final.

Women’s Singles (WS)

The winner of the 2023 WS competition was Huang Yu-Hsun who beat Kristin Kuuba 13-21, 21-11, 21-11 in the WS final.

Women’s Doubles (WD)

The winners of the 2023 WD competition were Paula Lynn Cao Hok and Lauren Lam who beat Moa Sjoo and Tilda Sjoo 21-10, 21-11 in the WD final.

Mixed Doubles (XD)

The winners of the 2023 XD competition were Mads Vestergaard and Christine Busch who beat Malik Bourakkadi and Leona Michalski 21-13, 21-10 in the XD final.