India International

The India International is a Super 300 badminton tournament on the BWF World Tour with a total prize pool of $210,000.

I have put together the below guide so you can find out more about the draw, schedule, players, and prize money for the 2023 tournament in Lucknow, India.

A flag of India next to the words India International

BWF India International 2023

Location:Lucknow, India
BWF Tour Level:Super 300
Draw Size:32
Prize Money:$210,000


The 2023 BWF India International badminton tournament will be held from the 28th of November to the 3rd of December 2023, with the 2023 tournament being the last BWF tournament played before the BWF World Tour Finals in Hangzhou, China.


The official player entry list for the 2023 tournament in Lucknow has not yet been released but below is a selection of players who participated in the men’s and women’s singles tournaments in 2022.

Male Players

  • Sameer Verma
  • Prannoy Kumar
  • Sourabh Verma
  • Arnaud Merklé
  • Lucas Claerbout
  • Nhat Nguyen
  • Mithun Manjunath
  • Buwaneka Goonethilleka

Female Players

  • P. V. Sindhu
  • Evgeniya Kosetskaya
  • Supanida Katethong
  • Malvika Bansod
  • Anupama Upadhyaya
  • Anna Cheong
  • Teoh Mei Xing
  • Lim Chiew Sien


Below is the expected schedule for the 2023 tournament in Lucknow, with the finals being played on Sunday, the 3rd of December 2023.

Tuesday – Day 128 November 2023Round of 32 Matches
Wednesday – Day 229 November 2023Round of 32 Matches
Thursday – Day 330 November 2023Round 0f 16 Matches
Friday – Day 41 December 2023Quarterfinal Matches
Saturday – Day 52 December 2023Semifinal Matches
Sunday – Day 63 December 2023Finals


The draws for the 2023 singles and doubles tournaments in Lucknow will be available to view on the BWF Tour website closer to the start of the tournament.

Men’s Singles Draw: TBD

Women’s Singles Draw: TBD

Men’s Doubles Draw: TBD

Women’s Doubles Draw: TBD

Mixed Doubles Draw: TBD

Prize Money and Points

The total prize fund for the 2023 India International tournament will be $210,000, with the prize money and points being in line with other BWF Super 300 tournaments like the Korea Masters (see full breakdown below).

Men’s/Women’s Singles

The winners of the singles competitions in 2023 will receive $15,750 and 7,000 ranking points, while the runner-up will win $7,980 and 5,950 ranking points.

2nd Round$7352,750
1st Round$01,670

Men’s/Women’s/Mixed Doubles (Per Pair)

The winners of the men’s, women’s, and mixed doubles competitions in 2023 will receive $16,590 ($8,295 each) and 7,000 BWF points, while the runners-up will win $7,980 ($3,990 each) and 5,950 BWF points.

2nd Round$7882,750
1st Round$01,670