Thailand Masters

The Thailand Masters is a professional badminton tournament on the BWF Tour that is played at the Nimibutr Stadium, in Bangkok, Thailand.

I have put together the below guide so you can find out more about the Draw, Schedule, Players, and Prize Money for the 2023 tournament in Bangkok.

Thailand Masters

2023 Thailand Masters

Location:Bangkok, Thailand
BWF Tour Level:Super 300
Draw Size:32
Prize Money:$210,000


The 2023 Thailand Masters badminton tournament in Bangkok was held from the 31st of January to the 5th of February 2023.

The 2023 tournament was played in the same week as Iran Fair International Challenge in Tehran.

This was the first of two BWF badminton tournaments played in Thailand in 2023, with the Thailand Open being played in May/June 2023.


The entry list for the 2023 tournament in Bangkok has now been released and below is a selection of players who played in the tournament.

Male Players

  • Lee Cheuk Yiu
  • Ng Ka Long
  • Kenta Nishimoto
  • Li Shifeng
  • Brian Yang 
  • Ng Tze Yong

Female Players

  • Han Yue
  • Line Kjærsfeldt
  • Zhang Yiman
  • Kim Ga-eun


Below was the schedule for the 2023 tournament in Bangkok, with the finals being played on Sunday, the 5th of February 2023.

Tuesday – Day 131 January 2023Round of 32 Matches
Wednesday – Day 21 February 2023Round of 32 Matches
Thursday – Day 32 February 2023Round 0f 16 Matches
Friday – Day 43 February 2023Quarterfinal Matches
Saturday – Day 54 February 2023Semifinal Matches
Sunday – Day 65 February 2023Finals


The draw for the 2023 singles and doubles tournaments in Bangkok is now available to view on the BWF Tour website (see links below).

Men’s Singles: View Draw

Women’s Singles: View Draw

Men’s Doubles: View Draw

Women’s Doubles: View Draw

Mixed Doubles: View Draw

Prize Money and Points

The total prize fund for the 2023 tournament in Bangkok is $210,000, with the prize money and points being split as follows.

Men’s/Women’s Singles

The winners of the men’s/women’s singles tournament in 2023 will receive $15,750 and 7,000 points, while the runner-up will receive $7,980 and 5,950 points.

Round of 16$7352,750
Round of 32$01,670

Men’s/Women’s/Mixed Doubles (Per Pair)

The winners of the men’s/women’s/mixed doubles tournaments in 2023 will win $16,590 ($8,295 each) and 7,000 points, while the runner-ups will win $7,980 ($3,990 each) and 5,950 points.

Round of 16$7882,750
Round of 32$01,670

Past Winners and Runner Ups

NB: The last Thailand Masters badminton tournament was held in 2023.

Men’s Singles (MS)

The winner of the 2023 MS competition was Lin Chun-yi who beat Ng Ka Long 21-17, 21-14 in the final.

Men’s Doubles (MD)

The winners of the 2023 MD competition were Leo Rolly Carnando and Daniel Marthin who beat Su Ching-heng and Ye Hong-wei 21-16, 21-17 in the final.

Women’s Singles (WS)

The winner of the 2023 WS competition was Zhang Yiman who beat Han Yue 15-21, 21-13, 21-18 in the final.

Women’s Doubles (WD)

The winners of the 2023 WD competition were Nuntakarn Aimsaard and Benyapa Aimsaard who beat Baek Ha-na and Lee So-hee 21-6, 21-11 in the final.

Mixed Doubles (XD)

“The winners of the 2023 XD competition were Huang Dongping and Feng Yanzhe who beat Seo Seung-jae and Chae Yoo-jung 18-21, 21-15, 21-12 in the final.